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Dr. Lew Lim: Achieve Optimal Brain Function Through Light Therapy

November 12, 2021 Complete Human
Complete Human
Dr. Lew Lim: Achieve Optimal Brain Function Through Light Therapy
Show Notes

Have you ever felt the torture of seeing someone you love suffer an incurable brain disease? Most of us have. But here’s the good news: a science-proven treatment is underway…and it’s in the form of light!

In this episode of Complete Human, “Vielight” CEO, founder, and inventor Dr. Lew Lim takes us to the mind-blowing scientific breakthroughs in photobiomodulation (also called PBM or light therapy). In layman’s terms, PBM refers to the use of light in stimulating cellular function, healing, and repair. 

Want to know more? Research shows that applying PBM to the brain using light-emitting devices or helmets not only improves cognitive performance but also reduces inflammation and accelerates cellular healing! 

Since 1995, Dr. Lew has been collaborating with world-class scientists, engineers, and business professionals in developing photobiomodulation devices, trademarked as “Vielight.” Tons of clinical research studies and trials prove the potential of PBM as an effective non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment to the deadliest degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), traumatic brain injuries, and psychiatric disorders. 

Here, Dr. Lew goes deep into the history and science behind light therapy, how it works, what research needs to be done, and its pivotal role in our pursuit to ultimate health and wellness.

 What we discuss:

3:00 – How photobiomodulation (PBM) offers hope to people with degenerative diseases

10:30 – How do transcranial and intranasal Vielight PBM devices work?

14:50 – How does PBM devices penetrate the skull and work with the mitochondria?

20:00 – Controversies around the causes of Dementia

26:50 – The olfactory sense, memory, and dementia

34:18 – Can PBM destabilize COVID-19 virus?

40:00 – What to expect when you use the PBM devices

46:50 – What's the difference between alpha and gamma brainwaves? 


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