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Dr. Andrew Doan: The Detrimental Effects of Digital Addiction and Ways to Stop It

October 27, 2021
Complete Human
Dr. Andrew Doan: The Detrimental Effects of Digital Addiction and Ways to Stop It
Show Notes

Can you last a day without your smartphone? Science says that if you consume digital media longer than 3 hours each day, you might have a problem! 

In this episode of Complete Human, Dr. Andrew Doan breaks down the harmful effects of excessive media use and how to mitigate it.

Citing modern studies, he explains how unregulated gaming and screen time stunts childhood development, leading kids to exhibit symptoms of autism and ADHD. He also discusses the science behind technology-induced sleep deprivation, depression, and other behavioral disorder among adults. Plus, he shares tips on how to manage media addiction and limit its potential harms! 

Where does digital addiction begin? Can we still reverse its physiological and psychological effects? What's the responsibility of gaming and media companies in this growing crisis of overconsumption? 

Dr. Andrew Doan is a neuroscientist, eye surgeon, author, and sought-after speaker who’s highly acclaimed for his deep expertise on digital media addictions. In 2012, he wrote the book, “Hooked on Games: The Lure and Cost of Video Game and Internet Addiction.” With his profound experience and background in science and research, Dr. Doan offers a wealth of knowledge we should all learn from. 

 What we discuss:

2:17 - How dangerous and addictive is social media?

5:20 – Why we experience dopamine rush and sleep deprivation due to social media use

12:24 - Where does digital addiction begin?

17:20 - Signs that you have a problem with digital addiction

20:05 - Is gaming more dangerous than using other social media platforms?

24:37 - Have we taken technology too far in the quest for innovation and capitalism?

25:44 - Digital Candy Vs. Digital Veggie: The negative effects of media overuse on children and adults

35:00 - What is Virtual Autism?

42:08 - What's the doctor-recommended screen time for kids and adults?

57:05 - How to prevent digital addiction and stay away from its potential harms


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