Complete Human

Lisa Wimberger: Tapping Into The Powers of Neurosculpting to Get Past Traumatic Events

October 06, 2021 Complete Human Season 1 Episode 65
Complete Human
Lisa Wimberger: Tapping Into The Powers of Neurosculpting to Get Past Traumatic Events
Show Notes

“ Knowledge is the door opener, but you have to walk through it with practice.”
Lisa Wimberger

On Lisa Wimberger’s fifteenth’ birthday, her body was struck by lightning. And from this experience, she learned how to fight through physical trauma on an emotional and energetic level. Through her experiences, she was able to finally cultivate a relationship with her body, further enhancing her relationship between her mind, body, and spirit.

Today, being a survivor of physical trauma, Lisa is fanatically committed to helping people have a better experience in their bodies by understanding better their nervous system through neurosculpting. This process of meditation involves five easy steps to relax the body while focusing the mind for stress regulation, pattern rewiring, and performance optimization

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute and co-founder of the NeuroPraxis App. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Stonybrook, NY, and a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership. Lisa began her meditation practice at age 12. Hit by lightning at age 15, and clinically dead on multiple occasions, Lisa uses her traumatic experience as a vehicle for transformation.

What we discuss…

02:06: Getting struck by lightning

04:55: Meet Lisa and her story

08:34: Lisa’s experience with getting struck by lightning and the energetic implications

15:20: How do you break through a dissociative process

22:05: The meditation process and the mind-body connection

31:49: How does neurosculpting play into our perception of the world, both emotionally and energetically

35:54: How the pandemic showed people they weren’t as resilient as they thought they were

38:04: The dark-side of the self-development industry

40:46: Helping out other industries and people with this new method

45:30: Have we really evolved out of reptilian?

49:05: What does it mean when Lisa says animals have enough brains to tan their own hide?

51:14: How to recognize you need help

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